Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable 

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Type 2 EV Cable 32A 22kW- Cable between the electric car and charging station for E-Mobility – Compatible with all EV’s with a Type 2 port

Robust construction and silver plated contacts assure a reliable connection.

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Product Description

3-Phase, 32Amp

IP54 weatherproof with ergonomic handles makes the EV Charging leads easily stored

Type 2 plug at the vehicle, Type 2 at the charging station

The Mennekes cable is suitable for Type 2 vehicle inlets and connects charging stations with Type 2 Infrastructure Socket Outlets

2 Year replacement warranty

Built to last for over 10,000 mating cycles

5m length

TUV certified cable and connectors meeting Australian and European standards

Compatible with all-electric vehicles and models including: Audi, BMW, BYD, EQC, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, MG, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan 2018+, Polestar, Renault, Rivian, TESLA, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and more.

Known as a Mode 3 Charging cable in Europe or Level 2 charging cable in the USA.

Works on both single and three phase universal charging stations.

Compatible Networks: The EV Cable is compatible with all universal EV charging brands and networks including:


Queensland Electric Super Highway

RAC Electric Highway

City of Adelaide Charging

Chargefox Network

Jaguar Land Rover Dealer

Mirvac Shopping Centre

151 Property Shopping Centre

North Sydney Charging

EO Charging Network

Northern Beaches

Lane Cove

Charge Star Network

EVERTY Network

How to Use

It’s simple! Use the smaller plug side know as the male to plug into the charger and the larger female plug into the vehicle.

What is the Difference between a Single & Three Phase Type 2 EV Cables

It’s essentially speed. A single phase EV cable can only use 1 electricity phase to input power into your vehicle. This means a maximum of up to 45km of range per hour. As the name suggests a 3-phase Type 2 EV cable can utilise 3 -phase of electricity to power an EV. However be mindful that final charging speeds will be determined by your cars maximum onboard charging capacity. The drawback of a 3-phase cable is the increased weight. Learn more here

Lightweight Type 2 Charging Cables?

By taking advantage of superior quality copper we can produce lightweight cables that are more practical for everyday use. Copper quality helps determine the electrical conductivity of a material.  Furthermore our connector plugs have silver plated contacts to further enhance electrical transmission. This is why we have an industry leading warranty. Because it’s a better EV cable . Finally we utilise TPE Rubber that provides improves elasticity and durability. What makes a great cable? Great manufacturing with quality ingredients.

History of the Type 2 EV Cable

Type 2 connectors were originally designed in Germany in 2009 and have since become mandated in the European Union. They were designed to replace J1772 plugs and have since become the world’s leading form of Electric Vehicle connector. Current generation type 2 connectors can power your vehicle at 22kW per hour. Furthermore this standard has been recommend in Australia

CP: Control Pilot- Communications, used to relay data between the car and the station
PP: Proximity Pilot. That makes sure you’re plugged in all the way.
PE: Protective Earth- Full current 6mm Round wire for increased safety.
N- Neutral L1,2,3- 3 Phase AC power

Product Detail

Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable -01 (4)
Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable -01 (2)
Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable -01 (3)
Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable -01 (6)

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