J1772 Type 2 Ev Charging Socket Vehicle Side Inlet

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Car Side Inlet Type1 Type 2 Charging Ac 16A 32A Ev Charger Socket top sales

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Product Name AC Type 2 Ev Charging Inlet
Rated voltage 250V/480V
Rated current 16A/32A
Material Silicone rubber+PA6+25%fiberglass
Mating cycles 10000Times
Protection cap Flip to left/right
Product Name 16a\32a\40a\50a type1 ev charging inlet socket 80a charging socket j1772 car side
Rated current 16A , 32A , 40A , 50A , 80A
Operation Voltage AC 120V/240V
Insulation Resistance >1000MΩ(DC 500V)
Withstand Voltage 2000V
Contact Resistance 0.5mΩ Max
Terminal Temperature Rise <50k
Operating Temperature -30°C~+50°C
Coupled Insertion Force >45N<80N
Impact Insertion Force >300N
Waterproof Degree IP54
Flame Retardant Grade UL94 V-0
Certification UL,CE Approved

Type2 16A 32A AC Charging inlets for electric vehicles
Vehicle charging inlet for charging with alternating current (AC), compatible with type 2 AC vehicle charging connectors (EVSE),
for installation in electric vehicles for e-mobility (EV). For installation in electric vehicles (EV), AC type 2, IEC 62196-2,
length: customized, 4-position, M6, Generation 4, A protective cap is supplied as standard for the AC contacts.

Electrical characteristics
Rated current

16A/32AOperation voltage: 250V/480V

Withstand voltage


Insulation resistance

>1000M Ω (DC500V)

Contact impedance

0.5m Ω Max

Terminal temperature rise


Mechanical properties
Mechanical life

No-load plug in /out>10000 times

Coupled insertion force 45N <F<100N
Impact of external force Can afford 1M height drop and 2T vehicle run over pressure
Material and surface treatment
Contact Pins
Material Copper alloy
Surface treatment silver plated
Production process mechanical processing
Material ABS+Thermoplastic flame retardant grade UL94 V-0
Colour Black
Production process injection molding
Material Silicone rubber
Color red/gray/blue
Production process vulcanization
Working environment
Environment temperature  -30℃~+50℃
Degree of protection  IP54 (closed with dust cover), IP55 (after the head base is inserted)

Product Detail

J1772 Type 2 Ev Charging Socket Vehicle Side Inlet-01 (2)
J1772 Type 2 Ev Charging Socket Vehicle Side Inlet-01 (5)
J1772 Type 2 Ev Charging Socket Vehicle Side Inlet-01 (4)
J1772 Type 2 Ev Charging Socket Vehicle Side Inlet-01 (3)

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